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Saturday, September 21, 2019

When Killer Bees Evolve into Pussycats

Some of us remember the big scare a spell back when Africanized honeybees were heading up into the United States from way down south. They earned the moniker killer bees because they were ornery cusses, attacking in large groups and killing people. The venom was not any worse, but the savagery of the attacks were the main problem. So why did they drop off the radar?

Africanized honeybees were known for being extremely aggressive. Now many seem to have pussycat attitudes, which does not fit evolutionary expectations.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Jeffrey W. Lotz (CC by 3.0)
Short answer: they calmed down, especially those from down Puerto Rico way. (Those from Brazil can still be a problem.) But changes happened to rapidly to fit evolutionary expectations. Darwin's acolytes gave credit to evolution, blessed bee! They frantically worked their Charles Darwin Club Secret Decoder Rings™ to come up with explanations. They had a few, and ran them up the flagpole, but they were not saluted by anyone.

Instead of contacting the spirit of Charles Darwin, secular scientists should seriously consider the continuous environmental tracking of the engineered adaptability model. While Darwin insisted that outside influence and "environmental pressures" caused changes, the CET model demonstrates that the opposite is true. That is, the Master Engineer designed living things to adapt. These bees didn't evolve into having pussycat attitudes, they were designed for it.
Another doomsday scenario has been debunked: killer bees have calmed down and become nice. How, and why?

We remember the catastrophic predictions a decade ago: killer bees, those mean-spirited Africanized bees that escaped a lab in Puerto Rico during a hurricane were on the march northward. Deaths would skyrocket from terror swarms of hyperactive “killer bees” attacking people who happened to disturb them innocently. Beekeepers would have tough times controlling them. And as the swarms of killer bees dominated the more docile European bees introduced into America, crops would suffer because of their less effective pollination. Scientists watched helplessly as they migrated north and west at a measurable rate. There was nothing we could do to stop them. North America was doomed.
To read the rest, buzz on over to "Experts Were Wrong About Killer Bees".

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Friday, September 20, 2019

Space Aliens and Worldviews

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

People have speculated about life on other worlds, whether in our solar system or farther away, for a long time. To hear some people talk, it is a certainty that life exists out there, thataway. There are people who sincerely, passionately, believe that space aliens can be found at Area 51.

UFOs and alien life are a hot topic, but they are not extraterrestrials and are not hidden at Area 51. Sorry. We can know more about the alien agenda.
Credit: Pixabay / Matthias Wewering
A good part of this alien enthusiasm comes from presupposing deep time and atoms-to-aliens evolution. Sure are a lot of stars up yonder, and there must be many planets. On those planets, intelligent life must have evolved and developed amazing space travel abilities. It's all in the numbers, right?


Centuries ago (I'm feeling old today), I fully believed in space aliens. Did I have evidence? Not hardly! In fact, nobody has any actual hard evidence. Like evolution, there are assumptions leading to conclusions, circular reasoning, wishful thinking, and more. Interesting that many atheists believe in extraterrestrial beings that they have not seen, but reject the Creator that they have not seen — and evidence abounds for his existence.

Are UFOs real? Well, look at the letters: Unidentified Flying Object. That is kind of broad, and can include a hubcap that came off on the expressway, military test vehicles, simple mistakes, and more. Flying saucers? That is much more specific. In my earlier years (as well as today), I rejected the assumption that everyone who had seen something was faking it or delusional. Yes, many were mistaken. In fact, I learned a simple truth from a UFO publication: you look for every possible natural explanation. Some things really are swamp gas, Venus, and other mundane things. It certainly doesn't help anyone when a government official says that people saw Venus when it had risen yet, though.

The "Storm Area 51" event appeared to be serious, "They can't stop us all" and "Let's see them aliens!" That's right, people "knew" that the United States government had aliens stashed at the Area 51 facility. (The event was eventually portrayed as a big joke, but it was causing problems for the Air Force and Nevada residents.) It is a military installation used for testing and such, not an interstellar conference center.


Depending on the conspiracy theory, we are exchanging technology in secret with extraterrestrials. Sometimes, sooper seekrit shadowy organizations above the governments of the world are involved. People know this because the cousin of a friend's ex-wife who spoke under works for the government and called a late-night radio talk show.

A bit more of my own story. Raised with liberal theology, I had no problem believing in theistic evolution and space aliens. Even after I rejected TE because of sound theology and evidence for six-day creation, I held onto ET beliefs. For every argument, I tried to counter it. Essentially, they would be advanced beings who had huge amounts of time to develop space travel over huge distances. I even used the fallacious argument from silence: the Bible does not say that there are no extraterrestrial beings. (You can facepalm now.) I wanted them to be real. Again, there was no evidence, just my presuppositions and poor reasoning.

Looking back on it now, I see that I was doing a bad form of presuppositional apologetics. That is, there were certain axioms that I hitched my wagon to and would not give up, and then argued from there. Badly. I dropped the subject when alien abduction stories were getting more common, and I had other things to do.

Evolutionists desperately want to believe that life exists on other planets (as regular readers have seen), but they really have no hope of finding it because the habitable zone is tenuous. The logistics of space travel are astronomical (heh!) and defy physics, "what if" and "but they're super intelligent" excuses notwithstanding.

Yes, there are extraterrestrials, but you have to define the term correctly. There are beings that are not of this world that are meeting up with people. No, I do not believe that they are from other planets. For one thing, the logistics of long-distance space travel are staggering. Another thing to consider is, "Why?" They supposedly came all that way to tell us that they want to help us in our evolution. So, they abduct and probe people, while mutilating cattle and such, and no two UFO sightings are the same. Strange way to make us feel wanted.

They are extraterrestrials, but if you study on it, alien encounters are a great deal like demonic manifestations. Trans-dimensional beings may be more accurate. Yes, these so-called space aliens who deny the Bible, are terrified when a Bible-believing Christian commands them to cease and desist in the name of Jesus, lie to us, contradict themselves, promote evolution and deny the Creator — they are demonic entities.

There are some resources that I would like to make available that will explain what I have been talking about in far more detail:

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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Another Alleged Earth-Like Planet Discovered

Astrobiologists are promoting their pseudoscience like chariot racers in the Circus Maximus, hoping to find evidence of habitable planets in deep space. Although they fail every time and their hopes are dimming because the habitable zone has multiple caveats, bio-astrologers keep on a-trying.

Secular astronomers are cheering yet another exoplanet discovery. They keep searching for signs of life despite evidence against it.
Credits: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center / Chris Smith
(Usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
The desire is to find evidence of life out there, even though nobody can even see the planets, let alone, conditions on them. (Also, exoplanets are young, created recently like our own solar system. No time for Darwin to work his magic.) I maintain that it would be illogical to claim that even if life was found and evolution was proven, it would not justify that all life evolved; it would be the hasty generalization fallacy. Materialists don't seem to care.

Exoplanet GJ 357 d is supposedly in the habitable zone, yee haw boy howdy. There are many unknown factors as well as the little detail that it orbits a red dwarf star. The planet is also very large, but its composition is unknown. If it is rocky, the gravity would be lethal, and if it is something like Neptune, that would be another reason to saddle up and ride on to another telescope. These owlhoots keep on making empty proclamations; you'd think they would learn to rein in their hubris a spell until more information is gathered.
The headlines seem like science fiction, conjuring up images from the movie “Another Earth”. Is there possibly life on another planet like ours? Researchers at the Carl Sagan Institute at Cornell University discovered what may be an Earth-like planet, 31 light years away from our solar system.
. . .

Red dwarf stars are by far the most common type of star but are all too faint to be seen with the naked eye. The star GJ 357 is no exception: it is only about a third of the sun’s mass and diameter, but its temperature is quite cool, 3505 ± 51 K, and is only 1.6% as bright as the sun. There are huge problems with planets around red dwarf stars that make them unsuitable for life, as discussed in the our article about the ‘ultracool’ star Trappist-1 and its seven planets.
. . .

GJ 357 d is claimed to be in the habitable zone and has a rotation period between 70 and 120 Earth days. Such a slow rotation suggests at least partial tidal locking. Evolutionists think that this way the temperature on the planet is neither too hot nor too cold and is just right for life to evolve. . . . 

Should we really be so excited? What did the researchers really find?
To read the article in its entirety, click on "Have astrobiologists really found a super-Earth?"

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Two Oceanic Critters and Evolution

This child thinks that our Creator like variety and has designed some things for our wonder and maybe even our amusement. It could be that he knew how professors of fish-to-fool evolution would get mighty uncomfortable explaining how some things came to be. For example, the predation skills of the slapping shark and the pistol shrimp.

Thresher sharks and pistol shrimp have predation skills that evolutionists cannot explain, but show the skill of the Master Engineer.
Original image before modification: NOAA
(Usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
When a pistol (snapping) shrimp takes a notion to have a critter for lunch, it slaps leather (so to speak) by firing off a shot. The cavitation bubble is lethal, and when it pops, the sound reaches of 200 decibels! It's also great pals with the goby fish. In a similar manner, the pelagic thresher shark smacks little fish with its powerful tail. If it sees you, it won't bite, but would rather get out of Dodge quick-like.

Evolutionists resort to the scientific principle of Making Things Up™ to evosplain why their deity deigned to deliver these unique characteristics. "It likely evolved to..." and similar weasel words can be found as expected. No, they are doing what they were designed to do by the Master Engineer.
The super-fast and powerful movements of sharks and shrimps are among “the works of the LORD” and “His wonders in the deep.” Consider how their body parts and physiologies providentially empower sharks to slap and shrimps to snap.
To read the rest of this short article, click on "Deep Wonders of Slapping Sharks and Snapping Shrimps". I also have an earlier post that may be of interest, "Armed and Dangerous Shrimp".

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Mica in Sand Thwarts Secular Geologists

Saddle up and ride over to the gorge-ous Grand Canyon, then take special notice of the rock layers and the various colors. There's a whitish-yellowish part known as the Coconino sandstone that uniformitarian (deep time) geologists think is a problem to creationists. Not happening, pilgrim.

Secular geologists think that the Coconino sandstone at the Grand Canyon is a problem for Flood geology. In fact, the opposite is true.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Diego Delso, delso.photo, License CC-by-SA 4.0
Secular geologists say that the Coconino sandstone was made in a desert and could not possibly have been formed by the global Genesis Flood and allows millions of years for evolution to happen. From superficial examination, it does appear to be a problem. Further examination, however, shows that there is mica in the sand, which should not be there under the conditions secularists expect. Instead, this mica supports the Genesis Flood.
My graduate school professor, Dr. Steve Austin, was a serious field geologist. But periodically, his childlike delight in exploring God’s creation shone through. He taught us to let the rocks and the earth “speak to us,” as Job 12:8 (NKJV) said several millennia ago. 
. . .

For some time now, I have been studying a famous layer of yellow rock known as the Coconino Sandstone found in the walls of Grand Canyon. Other creationists and I have devoted many years to this sandstone because most other geologists interpret the sandstone as sand dunes that formed in an ancient desert some 275 million years ago and later fossilized (hardened into rock). How different from the view that Noah’s watery flood laid down these layers quickly around 4,300 years ago!
To read the entire article or download the MP3 with my favorite reader, click on "Mica, Mica in the Sand, Tell Us Something Really Grand!" For additional information, see also, "Coconino Sandstone Myths Debunked".

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Monday, September 16, 2019

Astrobiology, a Pseudoscience Without Evidence

Supposedly, a science requires research, investigation, and especially evidence. People can get degrees in bio-astrology — I mean, astrobiology — even though it is based almost entirely on guesswork. Worse, astrobiology has no evidence to back up the numerous claims and expectations.

People can get degrees in the pseudoscience of astrobiology, which has no evidence to support it. Here are some more outlandish reports.
Credit: NASA (usage does not imply endorsement of the truth contained on this site)
It is ironic that materialists demand evidence for God and miracles, yet they believe all sorts of things based on ipse dixit — because someone said so.  Long ago, people were discovering how to get away from reliance on the claims of others. They wanted evidence. Bioastrologers — I mean, astrobiologists — and other secularists are locking themselves into consensus and disinterest in evidence. The following article has several items showing how astrobiology shenanigans are a waste of our tax money. They're probably laughing over their firewater at how we have to pay them to deny the Creator.
  • Cyanide in a meteorite gives "understanding" to the origin of life
  • Search for extraterrestrials that are not like life on Earth
  • Instead of a materialist admitting defeat in the search for extraterrestrials, more materialism is added
You can read about these and others by clicking on "Astrobiologists Whip Up False Hopes".

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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Engineered Nanobot Evolution

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

A few months back, I took some inspiration from a 1989 episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation that tied in with a previous post on gene editing ethics (see "Science Fiction and Genetic Engineering"). While taking a break from serious stuff on my Roku device, it happened again.

Once again, inspiration from science fiction. A Star Trek TNG episode provided some illustration for engineered adaptability, but the characters erroneously called it evolution.
Fun fact: the Angry Picard "meme" is from a segment where he was quoting Shakespeare
I had to turn the dial on my suspension of disbelief gadget up to eleven because the show was saturated with evolutionary propaganda that ran contrary to what I have learned about both creation and evolution. Speaking of which, the episode is simply titled "Evolution" and it involved nanotechnology. Although it does not actually exist yet in any practical sense, research is happening. Nanites (nanobots, nanomachines, and other names) are supposedly one billionth of a meter in size. If they are developed, nanomachines could be extremely important in medical science. Anyone who watches or reads science fiction has probably encountered stories involving nanobots.

In the story, two nanites escaped and somehow found their way into the warp core of the Enterprise. They began to replicate and adapt to their environment, and their feeding for further development and replication endangered the ship. Some folks didn't take too kindly to the disruptions and wanted them eliminated. But whoa there, Hoss! These critters are evolving. Yup, evolution. Isn't evolution wonderful? (Our television franchise loves promoting evolution, don'tcha know.) They have evolved into a new, intelligent life form in just a few hours. Isn't evolution wonderful? So, we can't kill them off since they're a newly-evolved life form. Evolution.

Except that it wasn't evolution.

It occurred to me that this 1989 story was indirectly illustrating some of the points of the engineered adaptability concept proposed by the Institute for Creation Research in 2013-2014. This creation model is contrary to how Darwin and his acolytes hijacked natural selection and other concepts. They insist on outside "environmental pressures" to cause evolution, but the opposite is true. Specifically, the Master Engineer designed living things to adapt and even anticipate changes, whether on an individual basis or even entire populations.

That's what happened in the story. There was no blind, purposeless molecules-to-machine evolution going on. These nanites were following their programming, adapting and changing. This television show illustrates something that we see so frequently riding the Creation Trail: owlhoots are so enthusiastic in their adoration of Darwin that they "see" evolution where none exists. The adaptation through design was misnamed in the show, and it is misnamed in science today. A huge amount of effort is involved in denying the creator in evolutionary thinking.

Excuse me now. I have to replace my suspension of disbelief gadget. That silly program burned it out.

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