When Killer Bees Evolve into Pussycats

Some of us remember the big scare a spell back when Africanized honey bees were heading up into the United States from way down south. They earned the moniker killer bees because they were ornery cusses, attacking in large groups and killing people. The venom was not any worse, but the savagery of the attacks were the main problem. So why did they drop off the radar?

Africanized honeybees were known for being extremely aggressive. Now many seem to have pussycat attitudes, which does not fit evolutionary expectations.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Jeffrey W. Lotz (CC by 3.0)
Short answer: they calmed down, especially those from down Puerto Rico way. (Those from Brazil can still be a problem.) But changes happened to rapidly to fit evolutionary expectations. Darwin's acolytes gave credit to evolution, blessed bee! They frantically worked their Charles Darwin Club Secret Decoder Rings™ to come up with explanations. They had a few, and ran them up the flagpole, but they were not saluted by anyone.

Instead of contacting the spirit of Charles Darwin, secular scientists should seriously consider the continuous environmental tracking of the engineered adaptability model. While Darwin insisted that outside influence and "environmental pressures" caused changes, the CET model demonstrates that the opposite is true. That is, the Master Engineer designed living things to adapt. These bees didn't evolve into having pussycat attitudes, they were designed for it.
Another doomsday scenario has been debunked: killer bees have calmed down and become nice. How, and why?

We remember the catastrophic predictions a decade ago: killer bees, those mean-spirited Africanized bees that escaped a lab in Puerto Rico during a hurricane were on the march northward. Deaths would skyrocket from terror swarms of hyperactive “killer bees” attacking people who happened to disturb them innocently. Beekeepers would have tough times controlling them. And as the swarms of killer bees dominated the more docile European bees introduced into America, crops would suffer because of their less effective pollination. Scientists watched helplessly as they migrated north and west at a measurable rate. There was nothing we could do to stop them. North America was doomed.
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