Two Oceanic Critters and Evolution

This child thinks that our Creator like variety and has designed some things for our wonder and maybe even our amusement. It could be that he knew how professors of fish-to-fool evolution would get mighty uncomfortable explaining how some things came to be. For example, the predation skills of the slapping shark and the pistol shrimp.

Thresher sharks and pistol shrimp have predation skills that evolutionists cannot explain, but show the skill of the Master Engineer.
Original image before modification: NOAA
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When a pistol (snapping) shrimp takes a notion to have a critter for lunch, it slaps leather (so to speak) by firing off a shot. The cavitation bubble is lethal, and when it pops, the sound reaches of 200 decibels! It's also great pals with the goby fish. In a similar manner, the pelagic thresher shark smacks little fish with its powerful tail. If it sees you, it won't bite, but would rather get out of Dodge quick-like.

Evolutionists resort to the scientific principle of Making Things Up™ to evosplain why their deity deigned to deliver these unique characteristics. "It likely evolved to..." and similar weasel words can be found as expected. No, they are doing what they were designed to do by the Master Engineer.
The super-fast and powerful movements of sharks and shrimps are among “the works of the LORD” and “His wonders in the deep.” Consider how their body parts and physiologies providentially empower sharks to slap and shrimps to snap.
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