Cosmic Lunacy Continues

The moon and other celestial objects are still causing considerable consternation to cosmologists. Conundrums like the origin and magnetic fields of the moon, chondrules in meteorites and the formation of stars (lots of assertions for this, but no actual evidence) are causing evolutionary cosmologists to cast their hands upward in expressions of confusion. Yet, many still cling to their faith in "science of the gaps", that "maybe someday" an answer that fits their preconditions will be found. Biblical creationists do not have these problems, since the science fits creationist models.
One would think astronomers would not be stumped in 2013 by common objects like the moon, meteors and stars.  But they are.  It’s driving them mad.
Moon madness:  The  lunacy begins with Earth’s moon.  Here is a body man has walked on, and he still doesn’t understand it.  National Geographic discussed “The moon’s mystery,” dispensing with all three of the most popular origin theories that were demolished by the Apollo program.  It also dispensed with the currently-leading theory of a glancing blow collision, showing that Apollo samples discredit the idea of another mass with different composition leaving no trace.  Variations of the model all have their weaknesses, so the answer must be in the futureware:
The barn door is wide open, and now we have lots of ideas,” Asphaug said. “There probably will be another ‘aha’ moment in five years or so.”
You can read the rest of the confounding "Mystery Moon (and Meteorites, and Stars)".