Pitching Evolutionism Through Assertion

Once again, proponents of evolution are presenting "answers" through circular reasoning. Using the assumption that evolution is true, they use circular reasoning as a means of explanation for human characteristics.

The story goes that since humans do not have fangs, claws, great speed and so forth, it was necessary to evolve the ability to throw. Words like "probably", "we can surmise", "would have" and other vague terms while still asserting that evolutionary "theory" is essential to understand the mechanics of throwing. Not only is evolution misrepresented, but it is completely irrelevant to the ability to throw. Add to this the implication that evolution is some kind of intelligent entity that confers a benefit on organisms, and you can see how much faith is involved in evolutionism.
Science news sites are talking about the evolution of human throwing, but it’s mostly speculation based on prior faith in Darwinism.  The real story is good design in the human shoulder.
Nature News, in a review entitled “Baseball players reveal how humans evolved to throw so well,” states, “A catapult-like mechanism allows energy to be stored in shoulder and torso, a video study of pitchers reveals.”
In addition:
Actually, understanding throwing biomechanics doesn’t require evolutionary theory at all.  It is the prior belief in human evolution that is propelling these scientists to “surmise” that throwing was beneficial somehow to human ancestors long ago.  Notice that the authors, by comparing contemporary hunter-gatherers (modern humans) to “earlier hominins” are saying we are all hominins.  The usefulness of the term “hominin” seems, therefore, moot.
It makes much more sense to realize that we were designed to do what we do by our Creator. You can wind up your reading of "Homo erectus were good pitchers", in full context, here.