Geocentrism — An Embarrassment to Creationists

Some people believe that both science and Scripture support a geocentric (Earth-centered universe). They mean well, but the movement fails. Not entirely surprisingly, a Sacred Name cult on Facebook that pretends to be a Christian group supports geocentrism.
Ptolemaic Astrology, Andres Cellarius 
A basic guideline for biblical creationists is that the Bible is foundational. Like secular scientists, creationists propose models and put forth ideas and see if they are supported by Scripture as well as observational and experimental data. One thing that evolutionists and creationists have in common is that origins science is historical in nature — nobody can reproduce creation or evolution. For example, a fossil does not exist in the past, it exists in the present. Examination of the object can be done with current testing methods and so forth, and scientists hold to their presuppositions and worldviews.

Geocentrism, the idea that the Earth is the center of the solar system (or the universe), was based on philosophies, astrology and mathematics from ancient Greece. The model proposed by Ptolemy was popular for centuries until creationist astronomers like Galileo and Copernicus (and others) demonstrated that it was not accurate, and gave us the heliocentric view. They did not see a conflict with the Bible, and the science was much more straightforward, and far less cumbersome.

A well-intentioned but erroneous desire to reinstate geocentrism has arisen among some creationists. Unfortunately, they use inaccurate science, bad eisegesis and even use support from Bible-deniers in much the same way as Old-Earth "creationists" use atheistic scientists to support their views.

Some creationists believe that the scientific assault on the Bible did not begin with biological evolution, but with the acceptance of the heliocentric (or more properly, geokinetic) theory centuries ago. These people believe that the Bible clearly states that the Earth does not move, and hence the only acceptable Biblical cosmology is a geocentric one. Modern geocentrists use both Biblical and scientific arguments for their case. We examine these arguments, and find them poorly founded. The Scriptural passages quoted do not address cosmology. Some geocentrists draw distinctions that do not exist in the original autographs or even in translations. In short, the Bible is neither geocentric nor heliocentric. While geocentrists present some interesting scientific results, their scientific arguments are often based upon improper understanding of theories and data. Much of their case is based upon a misunderstanding of general relativity and the rejection of that theory. While geocentrists are well intended, their presence among recent creationists produces an easy object of ridicule by our critics.

Many critics of creationists attempt to malign by suggesting that what creationists teach is akin to belief in a flat Earth. This attack is easy to refute, because the Bible does not teach that the Earth is flat, and virtually no one in the history of the church taught this. In fact, the belief in a flat Earth is a 19th century myth that was concocted to discredit critics of Darwinism. The supposed lesson of this myth was that the Church got it wrong before, so the Church has a chance to redeem itself by getting it right on the issue of evolution. This false lesson has been indelibly impressed upon common perception.
However, the Church did support the wrong side of a scientific issue four centuries ago. That issue was the question of whether the Sun went around the Earth (geocentrism) or if the Earth went around the Sun (heliocentrism, which could be called geokineticism since the Sun is not regarded as the centre of the universe either, as discussed below). Being based upon real history, creationists in theory could be accused of repeating this mistake by rejecting evolution.
Alas, there are recent creationists in the world today who are geocentrists. They teach that the rejection of God’s Word did not begin with Darwin’s theory of biological evolution or even with Hutton and Lyell’s geological uniformitarianism. Instead, they argue that the scientific rebellion against God began much earlier with heliocentrism.
Many evolutionists claim that disbelief in evolution is like disbelief that the Earth goes round the Sun. The obvious flaw is that the latter is repeatable and observable while the former is not. But geocentrists give evolutionists a target, so then it behoves the creation community to have a ready response.
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