Evolution and the Nature of Reality

Old, old questions: What is reality? Where does it come from? Is it a product of our minds and perceptions, or something more? Why haven't the Cubs won the World Series since 1908?

PD/Govard Bidloo (modified)
In a random chance universe, science is not possible. This is especially clear in astronomy, which relies on extremely complicated mathematics. Yet, numbers themselves are not material things, so when someone insists on pure naturalism, he is tacitly denying his own worldview when he uses numbers, since mathematics itself could not exist through evolution!

Some people neurotically attempt to create their own realities through bad logic: God is not real and if you believe he exists, you are a reality denier. People like this, and other evolutionists, attempt to explore the nature of reality. They fail miserably because they leave out the Source. Also, something does not become reality simply because one wishes it to be so.
Philosophical questions about “reality” are fun if not practical.  But we need a concept of reality in order to function practically.
Get real!” we challenge one another.  Most of us believe in external reality.  The “correspondence theory” of truth posits that our sensations, however flawed, correspond with what’s really out there in the external world, even if the signals go through multiple layers of processing and translation from source to brain.
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