Evolution Crusaders Expressing Opinions Without Knowledge

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

This is not a science article, it is an editorial based on my observations, experiences and those of other people.

Those of us who reject evolution (whether from science, theology or both) encounter proponents of evolution who seem to have made it their personal crusade to put us in our place. They are so determined to silence us, they speak without knowledge. Some go on quests to give one-star ratings at Amazon's now-worthless reviews, even though they have not even read the books! This says a great deal about their supposed integrity.

Frequently, we have people making comments at The Question Evolution Project on Facebook who, although they have not read the material, are still certain that creationists are wrong anyway.  Many are willing to lie outright, but they only manage to humiliate themselves. The humiliation increases when someone wants to take the time to point out their tactics. Then they scream, "Libel!" and "Liar for Jesus!" Oh, please.

Sometimes, mockers will use scientific jargon and partial truths to appear like they really know what they are talking about. But in reality, they only present pseudo-intellectual fa├žades that crumble upon examination

This is to help show that people really do not want to understand our position. They would rather find a way to shout us down, which is a natural extension of the fundamentally flawed Darwinist worldview. Don't be fooled or intimidated by pretentious evolutionists who really have nothing to say.

A fool finds no satisfaction in trying to understand,
for he would rather express his own opinion (Proverbs 18.2).