Another Universe Within You?

The more our medical technology advances, the more we realize that there is a great deal to be learned. Viruses and microbes (with uncertain boundaries between them at times) abound inside us. Many cannot be studied in a lab setting, either. Our bodies, and even our planet, is filled with coded information that shows the work of the Creator, and that evolution is absurd.
As scientists continue to find incredible diversity in the smallest of organisms, realizations of all we've been missing are changing conceptions of life.
Microbes: they live in and on us, and all around us – in the soil, in the air, and deep in the earth and seas.  “How many microbes are hiding among us?” Science Magazine asks.  It’s been hard to know, because most cannot be cultured in the lab.  New sequencing technologies are starting to shed light on the “dark matter” of the living world, as EurekAlert termed it in a Department of Energy press release reprinted by Astrobiology Magazine.  Eddy Rubin, leading a discovery initiative for the DOE, likens it to a new Lewis and Clark Expedition into unexplored territory.
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