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Monday, August 19, 2013

Computers and Evolution

Use of the word "science" is often vague and nebulous. People forget the philosophies behind scientific methods, and do not differentiate between practical, applied science and historical (origins) science. Further, people approach science with expectations and preconceptions. The following article uses a computer parable and explanation to put things in perspective.
One day, two computer programs were taking a break, having a cup of tea in the hard drive of a laptop. Recently, another computer program had failed to respond and had been deleted from the laptop. The two programs, feeling philosophical about their old friend, started talking about the meaning of life, where they had come from, how they should live and what happens after deletion. They were specifically concerned with where they came from. However, after much conversation and many cups of tea they could not decide.
The past course of events can neither be directly observed nor repeated. When people work within the realm of origins science they come to it with a set of presuppositions, or a worldview.
You can read the entire article in context at "The Parable of the Two Computer Programs".

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