Design in the Pregnancy Process

Another example of the intricate complexities that we see all around us is in the chemistry of human pregnancy. There are seeming paradoxes in the changes that seem to be understood now.

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Although it is obvious that such intricacy is the product of the master Designer, evolutionists blindly place their faith in time, chance and random mutations.
The onset of pregnancy presents an apparent contradiction. Ovulating and initially pregnant mothers experience an increase in progesterone. On the one hand, this hormone signals the immune system to back down and lay low. That's critical, because otherwise her body would fight and kill sperm cells as though they were unwelcome invaders, and she would never become pregnant.
But on the other hand, progesterone reduces cholesterol levels in her body. Too much progesterone would doom a developing baby, who requires cholesterol. Why would one action both promote and prevent a single outcome? Two University of California evolutionary biologists believe they have decoded the answer.
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