Evolution and the Misused Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Model

The Hardy-Weinberg Principle is taught to help give an understanding of gene frequency in a population.

It is a useful tool when used accurately. Unfortunately, there is a bit of "bait-and-switch" happening with the term "evolution". People start out using evolution correctly, and then equivocate with molecules-to-man evolution. This takes a helpful principle and turns it into an inaccurate propaganda device.
Public schools, colleges, and universities today teach the Hardy-Weinberg Principle in biological science courses, and many of them do so inaccurately. The inaccuracy of these teachings are simply due to either a misunderstanding of the application of the Hardy-Weinberg Principle and equation, or it may be due to a deliberate misinterpretation of its uses to further support and promote a “macroevolutionary” philosophy. We will discuss how instructors are using the Hardy-Weinberg Principle as evidence for molecules-to-man Darwinian evolution, why this method of application is incorrect, and what the Hardy-Weinberg Principle can be used for. We will also answer the fundamental question: does the Hardy-Weinberg Principle itself require any rejection of biblical foundations?
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