Are Evolutionists Tolerant? Nope!

Those undaunted defenders of Darwinism are stepping up their attacks. Allow people to see the flaws in evolution? Present evolution honestly in textbooks?

Ranging from the fury of the "New Atheists", to the propaganda mills like NCSE, to the dishonest BCSE and the useful idiots who support them, to the wandering evolutionists who patrol the Web — academic, intellectual and religious freedoms are receiving more pressure all the time. Some people are not even allowed to have a private opinion that disagrees with evolution!
Some recent cases of intolerance against  Darwin skeptics are so extreme, they defy all logic or propriety.  Yet when Darwinists promote radical ideas, they get a pass.
The Discovery Institute is on a campaign to defend the career and reputation of a Ball State University professor, Eric Hedin, who dared to present both sides of the debate over intelligent design instead of just the pro-Darwin side (see Evolution News & Views).  Not only that, he offered the material in an elective class in philosophy – not in a science class.  At the same time, Ball State openly promoted another class called “Dangerous Ideas” that claims “Science must destroy religion” and “There is no intelligent designer” (Evolution News & Views).  This “selective academic freedom” means professors are only allowed one position on ID: to oppose it.  This “Orwellian” view of academic freedom by a university that claims to respect controversial topics was described by John West on Evolution News & Views.
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