Evolutionists and Assumptions

One of the most frequent problems that creationists have with evolutionists is that they refuse to do their homework. That is, they will indulge in prejudicial conjecture (making uninformed assertions) as well as building straw man arguments against creationists. They do not know what we believe and teach, and will rely on the equivalent of rumors to form their opinions. Many times, we have to correct evolutionists about what evolutionist actually believe!

Voyager 2, NASA
One area where evolutionists humiliate themselves is when they assert things that are simply untrue (including how evolution makes useful predictions). While there are many false claims about creationists, I will focus on one: The untrue assertion that creationists do not make valid predictions. One fellow challenged me on Twitter to give just one creationist prediction that was true. I told him about Dr. Russell Humphreys and his predictions about planetary magnetic fields, which were proven correct and the evolutionists were proven wrong. He backpedaled and grumbled that this was not from a biologist. Sorry, but you asked and I delivered.

Creationists have made predictions that have been verified.