Strange, the Universe Does Not LOOK That Old...

The "Big Bang" idea is constantly in trouble except in the minds of fundamentalist evolutionists. Scientists keep adjusting their conjectures about the age of the universe to fit observed data. (Of course, merely asserting something based on unprovable evolutionary presuppositions is the opposite of real science.) Sometimes, they have to adjust their speculations.

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The more we look, the more we see that the universe has the appearance of maturity for far too long according to evolutionary timetables. Worse for them, there is diversity in the galaxies that does not fit the traditional "In the beginning was nothing, which exploded for no reason and then the orderly, complex universe formed" model.
Evidence continues to mount that the universe and its contents appeared mature from the beginning.
Surprising abrupt diversity near the start:  Galaxies were diverse, like those seen today, for most of the universe’s history, reported.  A new Hubble survey “found that the assorted range of galaxy types seen today were also present about 11 billion years ago, meaning that the types of galaxies seen today, which astronomers described as a ‘cosmic zoo,’ have been around for at least 80 percent of the universe’s lifespan.”  The survey pushes back the early maturity of galaxies from 8 billion years to 11.5 billion.
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