More Genetic Discoveries Refute Evolution

We had the fiasco of "junk DNA", where evolutionary scientists examined certain aspects of the genome, didn't understand some things and called them "junk". When more extensive examination of the genome was undertaken, those genes were no longer considered junk. There was also the "pseudogene" follies, where something else that was not understood was considered worthless and tagged "pseudogenes", actually very important. Now "orphan genes" are making evolutionists miserable.

Photo date 1919. PD-US (1923).
Some genes are common to living organisms, causing evolutionists to claim that commonality is proof of evolution instead of evidence of a Master Designer. But there are "orphan genes", unique to particular species, that are not only problematic to evolution, but friendly to biblical creation.
An important category of "rogue" genetic data that utterly defies evolutionary predictions is the common occurrence of taxonomically restricted genes, otherwise known as "orphan genes." These are now being discovered in the sequencing of all genomes.
Many multicellular animals share similar sets of genes that produce proteins that perform related biochemical functions. This is a common feature of purposefully engineered systems. In addition to these standard genes, all organisms thus far tested also have unique sets of genes specific to that type of creature.
The authors of a recent review paper, published in Trends in Genetics, on the subject of orphan genes stated, "Comparative genome analyses indicate that every taxonomic group so far studied contains 10–20% of genes that lack recognizable homologs [similar counterparts] in other species."
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