Geology Historian Neglecting His Research

Historian Dr. Martin Rudwick drops research completely in his efforts to slam biblical creationists. Dr. John K. Reed shows that Rudwick suspends reason when rewriting history.

Something many creationists emphasize is that scientists argue from their worldviews, but people who indulge in Scientism and put scientists on pedestals seem to view them as fact-finding automatons, unclouded by avarice and emotion. Not hardly! They are just as prone to vices and ambitions as the rest of us mere mortals.

Geology historian Dr. Martin Rudwick wrote an evolutionary book, Earth's Deep History. He wrote an appendix to the book that ridicules creationists, and uses numerous logical fallacies that are unworthy of a historian of his stature. He argues from his worldview (scientists do that), but engages in ad hominem attacks, prejudicial conjecture, loaded language (such as "fundamentalists" without actually defining what those are), the fallacy of exclusion (suppressing or ignoring evidence), straw man (comparing creationists to Flat Earthers — seriously?), rewriting history (including the Scopes trial), and more. In addition, he ignores the fact that censorship is rampant in naturalistic sciences; the true spirit of science thrives on examining contrary evidence, but Rudwick and others disallow creationist contributions.

Historian Dr. Martin Rudwick drops research completely in his efforts to slam biblical creationists. Dr. John K. Reed shows that Rudwick suspends reason.

Dr. John K. Reed examines the dismissive anti-creationist appendix in detail, and shows several fallacies, blatant misrepresentations, and stampeding bias from Rudwick.

On a side note, The British Centre for Science Education (effectively, Bashing Creationists and Strong-arming Evolutionism). You can see the hatred of Dr. Reed's article here. EDIT: Removed unnecessary material here. I am using this example to illustrate that what Dr. Reed shows us applies to other anti-creationists as well — lack of thinking, but plenty of emotion-based reactions rooted in hate.

Anyway, Rudwick should do his homework before trying again to dry-gulch creationists. But then, these people seldom do their research on creation science — in this case, neither does a respected historian.
Dr Martin J.S. Rudwick is arguably the foremost historian of geology in the world. Unfortunately, he does not live up to his reputation in the appendix to his new book, Earth’s Deep History, entitled “Creationists out of Their Depth”. Interspersed with intemperate rhetoric, Rudwick weaves a tale of modern creationism that bears little resemblance to reality and displays a striking unfamiliarity with creationist work. He cites nothing, refers only to George McCready Price and The Genesis Flood, and apparently hopes his reputation will mask this lack of research.

Rudwick’s rhetoric is unexpectedly clumsy. He begins by describing creationism as a “strange feature of the current scene … so strange, and … far outside the mainstream of scientific thinking and practice … .” (p. 309), and ends concluding that: “Young-Earthers are now unmistakably equivalent … to flat-Earthers, and proponents of Intelligent Design are equally out of touch.”
You can read the rest of Dr. Reed's analysis by clicking on "Martin Rudwick’s shallow assessment: 'Creationists out of their depth'". In addition, you may want to see another article by Dr. Reed, "Martin Rudwick’s curious paradigm of ancient history and modern creationism".