Puzzling Platypus Dinosaur

Paleontologists found a dinosaur that is reminiscent of the platypus because it resembles several dinosaurs at once. Evolutionary fact-free fanciful fables ensue.

Those paleontologists who think they have things all figured out concerning dinosaurs have been getting frequent lessons in humility. Many species never existed, sometimes because were merely varieties of the same one (younger, older, male, female, and so on). There's there's the Brontosaurs that never existed, oh wait, yes the Brontosaurus exists after all business.

Now there's Chilesaurus. Yep, he hails from Chile. Looks like a jigsaw puzzle gone bad, since he resembles several things at once. It's reminiscent of the platypus in some ways. And apparently it was a vegetarian. This find helps illustrate that there is still a great deal to learn about dinosaurs (just like we have a lot to learn about living things in the here and now). Of course, evolutionists had to resort to some fact-free fanciful fables about things they have no way of knowing.
A new dinosaur from Chile is as unbelievable as the first reported platypus was to English zoologists: a crazy mix of animals.

Meet Chilesaurus: a theropod from Chile that looks like a combination of other dinosaurs: a small vegetarian T. rex with a long neck and two-fingered arms. Martin Ezcurra, one of the paleontologists who announced the find in Nature, explains in The Conversation how they identified this “weird and wonderful” dinosaur as a new species:
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