Why Do Evolutionists Suppress Critical Thinking?

It is easy to see that evolutionary education is misnamed. It is not education, it is indoctrination, and if evidence for Intelligent Design or creation science was presented, it might "confuse" students, and they would dare to doubt Darwin. The vigilant Evo Sith are on patrol to silence opposition and protect "science" by disingenuously equivocating "evolution" with "science". These sidewinders must be an embarrassment to evolutionists who actually think, and who want to examine the evidence instead of rejecting creation science simply because they believe what they're told about what creationists say.

If people learned critical thinking and how to spot logical fallacies, they would not be so easily duped by profound proclamations by evolutionists. Some claims are examined after the link.

Some of us reckon that if people were allowed to see evolutionary thinking with it's flaws and with evidence that supports creation, there would be far fewer Darwinists. Creationists want people to learn critical thinking, and some of us emphasize learning logical fallacies so people are not deceived by profound pronouncements by scientists and the science press.
Reporters often credit Darwinian evolution for explaining mysteries in biology. Let’s play teacher and grade their papers. Here’s what we’re looking for.

A good scientific explanation:
Hold on, Hoss! To get yourself educated, you need to follow the trail over to "Grading Evolutionary Success Claims".