Anti-Creationists and Facepalming

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Sometimes, anti-creationists riding the Owlhoot Trail want to slap leather with creationists but they don't bring a gun to a gunfight. They don't even bring a knife or a pointed stick. I reckon they don't want to say anything meaningful, they just want to "prove the st00pid dumb creotard" wrong. Problem is, they show their own lack of thought and look mighty silly.

Courtesy of Why?Outreach
Too many people read just the caption of a picture or a few lines of text and then leave a comment. Unfortunately, this short attention span trend is common and seems to be growing, and the ignorant comment is a bane to many Page owners and bloggers.

I shared this picture, "The Lincoln Memorial Disproves Old Earth Theories" about stalactites and stalagmites that had formed quickly under the memorial. Apparently, this guy didn't bother to pay attention to the excerpts in the caption or look at the two links. He complained, "The formation of concrete stalagmites and stalactites is a fundamentally different chemistry than limestone formations in cave systems. This proves nothing." It proves you didn't do your homework, Danny Boy. That assertion has been discredited. Yes, I deleted that comment as a courtesy to the readers.

Near about that time, someone left a rude comment on the site of a recent podcast interview I had. Here are the first two paragraphs, then I lost interest in the question-begging epithet and other fallacies of the so-called "Dr. Barton" (as if I didn't know who this really is):
Sorry. I tried but, Mr. Sorensen, you presented so much scientific misinformation and half-truths that I had to turn you off within 15 minutes and go listen to some people who know what they’re talking about discuss fossilized plants, viruses, and the “Bible” (though not on the same podcast).

Your understanding of C14 was woefully inadequate and misleading. The reason that there is a set level of C14 in rock that is millions of years old is because of background radiation. If you look at the literature and studies, then you will find that C14 decays to the point where radiation from other sources (uranium, cosmic radiation, and the like) creates a background level of it that can vary from place to place and from geological layer to geological layer.
Not only is he insulting me, but the host of the show and the intelligence of readers, and insulting the scientists who do the radiometric dating in the first place. He used the question-begging epithet, circumstantial ad hominem attacks, straw man, arbitrary false assertions, and other fallacies. Further, he ignored the facts that carbon-14 has been detected in coal, diamonds and other places where, according to old-earth dogma, it "should not" be. And it's not in a couple of isolated instances, either. His highfalutin posturing only made him look foolish, and I don't think he understands carbon-14 as well as he pretends. This video should help educate that "doctor":

For "Evolutionists and Atheists Love to Pick Cherries", a narcissistic atheopath decided that this was about him, even though it fits several misotheists I've encountered. The quote from the article:
Cherry-picking to misrepresent Christians and creationists is not limited to the Bible and high-profile people. I've had my own material blatantly misrepresented, quotes taken out of context (including the use of parts of quotes, and in the case of comments, the material to which I was responding), straw man arguments, appeal to motive fallacies, and more. I've been called a "liar" without evidence (unless you count repeatedly asserting it, which is a fallacy in itself). These blatant misrepresentations... I get a mite irked being called a liar by liars. My experiences are typical, as I have seen this happen to many others as well. That's one reason that I encourage Christians to learn about logical fallacies, so they don't have to be intimidated by atheopaths and anti-creationists.
If the shoe fits, etc. In his whining, he ignored the main point of the article, cherry-picked this section, and then did not even quote all of it, just "I've been called a 'liar' without evidence..."! Since he used the appeal to motive fallacy (and others), I'm not going to link to that comment and reward his bullying and ego.

I disremember when this happened, but someone was being insulting because the "Oort Cloud" was described as a made-up rescuing device because short-term comets should have been used up long ago, giving evidence for a young solar system. An owlhoot came along and said...well, take a look at his comment and my response:
Used under "Fair Use" for education.
One of the best was several years ago. I was telling someone about the amazing complexity of the DNA molecule, and the guy couldn't get around that fact, but still clung to his blind faith in evolutionism. He replied that maybe DNA was simpler back then. Oh, please.

People need to pay attention. Not only do keyboard warriors like this need to learn the current science of their own worldviews so that creationists don't have to keep correcting them, but (as seen in the first two instances) they need to read or listen to the material so they don't embarrass themselves and self-respecting evolutionists. Of course, if they weren't so hell-bent on rejecting the Creator and believing something that ain't so (evolution) despite contrary evidence, they wouldn't feel the need to act like this. 

I reckon the biggest facepalm is that these jaspers are rebelling against God and the authority of his Word. I'm not going to go into detail on this again, but I'll say that In an atheistic and evolutionary universe, science is not possible; logic does not apply, nor would there be the expected uniformity of nature. Many of them seek meaning in attacking "religion", creation, and God (while also pretending he does not exist), butGod gave them life, and gives life meaning.

And creationists? You have to work at it, you can't refute evolution through captioned pictures and only reading introductions to articles. Scriptural and scientific truth is on the side of biblical creation. Let's act like it.