Artie Fact Meets Abby Normal

Advocates of algae-to-astronomer evolution come up with some wild exaggerations and unmitigated fabrications to bolster their worldview. It's mighty bothersome when professing Christians pull the same shenanigans in the pursuit of ridiculing Christians who have a high view of the Bible and creation. These claims can be dispensed with through simple logic and science.

Advocates of evolution come up with some wild tales to prove their claims. It's worse when theistic evolutionists pull this nonsense. These claims can be dispensed with through simple logic and science.
Wikimedia Commons / Didier Descouens
Dr. Joel Duff made some abnormal assertions about stone artifacts. He claims that they number in the trillions, and that there is no way they could be mistaken for the work of nature. In addition, they are dated with typical uniformitarian circular reasoning. The numbers do not withstand scrutiny, and this owlhoot doesn't bother to consider flood activity that would easily explain many of the things he thinks are man-made tools.
A recent posting at the Naturalis Historia website confidently claims that trillions of artifacts found in Africa and elsewhere prove that the young-earth creation view is ridiculous. The website’s author is Dr. Joel Duff, a biology professor at the University of Akron and a member of the Presbyterian Church of America. Speaking about himself, he says,
I am fascinated by God’s creation and am concerned that modern conservative evangelicals have increasing [sic] abandoned the study of natural revelation resulting in both a lack of appreciation for the “good” creation and the inability to assess the results of modern science.
This is a misleading and ad hominem statement. There are literally thousands of conservative evangelicals in the world today with a Masters or PhD degree in science who hold to young-earth creation (such as scientists at Answers in Genesis, Institute for Creation Research, Creation Research Society and many other organizations all over the world, including the archeologists at the Associates for Biblical Research). And the number of such evangelical scientists has been increasing, not decreasing, over the past fifty years, much to the consternation of evolutionists. These creation scientists have not abandoned the study of nature. Many of them are involved in technical research and they don’t lack the ability to assess the results of modern science. They do appreciate and enjoy God’s creation, which is in one sense “good” because it bears the marks of His brilliant and omnipotent creative handiwork. But they also know that it is not the “very good” creation of Genesis 1 because it has been suffering in bondage to corruption (Romans 8:19–232) ever since God cursed the creation when Adam sinned (Genesis 3:14–19 and 5:29) and which will be removed only when Jesus Christ returns to make a new heavens and earth (Acts 3:21; Revelation 22:3). That’s a major reason why these creation scientists reject the evolutionary story of millions of years.
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