Bad Science, Bad Theology, Bad Morals in Geocentrism

In July 2013, I posted material on how there are still some people who believe that the Earth is nicely bolted down. Yes, despite observable science, they hold to the geocentric view, that the sun goes around the Earth, and not the geokinetic solar system we know and love. Some of this comes from an insistence on clinging to misunderstood Bible verses. To see that post, click on "Geocentrism — An Embarrassment to Creationists" and especially the article that is linked.

Some people still believe that the Earth does not orbit the sun or rotate on its axis. Part of that is based on misunderstanding the Bible. Others resort to subterfuge to present a geocentric view. Real Science Radio presents a great deal of evidence to further refute geocentrism.
"Bolted Earth", modified from an image by NASA's Earth Observatory
Before we get to the good stuff, I have to give some information from the Irony Board. There's a Page on Facebook called "Evolution is a Religion of Origins". While they post some occasional good anti-evolution material, it is run by a vituperative Sacred Name cultist. If you disagree with the One True Church™, you're a pagan. While I believe that the teachings of Roman Catholicism do not lead to salvation, this cultist has an extreme hatred for Catholicism, and is also a geocentrist. Ironically, that Page posted material affirming geocentrism by Robert Sungenis. Problem is, Sungenis is president of Catholic Apologetics International! Feel the irony? Sungenis is behind the "Galileo Was Wrong" site, and was involved in a film called The Principle. He has a bad reputation, even among some other Catholics.

It's ironic that some people who think they're being true to the Bible and reject geokinetic (heliocentric) science as "pagan" are promoting a pagan science that went back to Ptolemy, Plato, and Aristotle! They used epicycles and other rescuing devices to get around the difficulties in geocentrism. Atheists and anti-creationist evolutionists frequently employ various rescuing devices and excuses when confronted with reality. That's natural, everyone uses rescuing devices to some extent because we argue from our worldviews. It's just that anti-creationists and atheists cling to them beyond the point of absurdity. For instance, some claim that everyone is lying about the Earth orbiting the sun and rotating on its axis. That's one huge conspiracy theory, Theodore!

Here's the payoff. Bob Enyart was asked to support The Principle, and was misled by the producer as to its content. He apologized, and did a two-part radio show rebutting the movie. You'll find out just how disingenuous Sungenis and friends are with their propaganda. The links are below, and they have a passel of information that gets down to Earth (heh!), plus the material in the podcasts themselves. The audio is free to listen online or download. One note, Bob and Fred  talk about the Hydroplate Theory of Dr. Walt Brown. I don't know enough about it, some creationists think it's great, other creationists consider it weak, so I am not endorsing it.