Evolutionism as a Cult

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

Although an earlier article from 2014 was reasonably popular, I reckoned I had to rewrite it. Same stable, different horse.

Edited 12-28-2021

What is a cult, really? As I have emphasized before, definitions are important so that everyone is speaking the same language. People have different connotations of the word "cult", such as black magic rituals in front of scary idols in far off places, mass suicides (such as the People's Temple led by atheist Jim Jones), small groups, and so on. Most cults have some degree of truth in them as well as things that appear valid but are twisted.

Others think of pseudo-Christian groups like the ChristadelphiansJehovah's WitnessesMormons, the Sacred Name cultist's (now defunct) Page on Facebook that pretends to be creationist, and so on. Some members of groups that are called "cults" get burrs under their saddles over the word because it is so emotionally charged, has association with the aforementioned exotic images, and that it implies that they are nasty folks. 

There are people who suggest avoiding the word and using something else, such as "alternative religion" or "new religious movement". But most people do not mean the word in a strong pejorative sense, it is simply succinct. Those people who come to your door and want to convert you to the One True Church™ are generally nice, upstanding people who make good neighbors.

Sometimes, groups may have reasonable beliefs but are extremely strict and have practices that could be termed "cultic" or "cult-like".

What are some characteristics of a cult?

  1. Exclusivity
  2. Isolation
  3. Persecution Complexes
  4. Special Knowledge
  5. Indoctrination
  6. Group Think
  7. Common Appearance Standards
Pseudo-Christian cults have some distinguishing characteristics. Evolutionism exhibits some of the same ones.

Evolution is actually an ancient religion, and even with a scientific veneer, it is religious in nature. Some of the above characteristics apply to evolutionism:
  • Exclusivity is the idea that "We are the only ones with the truth and everyone else is wrong".  This fits the attitudes of Darwinistas. They know that creationists are wrong, will not examine the evidence we present, and often use childish epithets instead of operating the minds that God gave them. Many of these people will appeal to the "authority" of high-profile atheists and evolutionists, treating them like popes or high priests.
  • Isolation to keep members separate so they do not get infected with theology that interferes with the official positions of secular organizations. Sometimes evolutionists who wish to stop drinking the Darwine, consider that evolution is not scientific, and check out evidence for creation science for themselves are mocked by their peers. However, I am unaware of enforced isolation practices, just ostracism, which is almost the same thing.
  • Persecution Complexes. This is seen in abundance. Fundamentalist evolutionists often go on self-appointed patrols (emphasis on "troll") to rid the Internet (and the word) of creation science. When creationists wish to present their views, misotheists and evolutionists essentially ridicule and shout down the creationists. Then the evolutionists are shown their logical fallacies, bad "science", religious attitudes, and so on. Many get blocked from social media, then hypocritically claim that they are "persecuted" — but they are the ones doing the bullying and persecuting.
  • Indoctrination into the belief system. Cultists are hammered into believing the official positions of the group, and often get flustered when flaws in their views are revealed. The same with Darwinists, except that many choose to be indoctrinated. This site, and the sites to which the articles link, show how textbooks are inaccurate, peer review is flawed, scientific papers are recalled, hasty "discoveries" are announced and proved to be embarrassing to evolution, dishonest tall-tales are passed off as facts, and more. But the evo-faithful believe the utterances of scientists and seem afraid to honestly examine the evidence.
I was listening to Conrad Mbewe discuss religious con artists in Africa, acting like witch doctors. They get people to trust them, and the "Man of God" takes advantage of them. People have misplaced faith in scientists, and believe what "scientists say". The "Man of Science" is often conning people with his magisterial pronouncements about origins. Indeed, the "Man of Science" is often the village witch doctor, old son.

Many people do not know what their religion officially believes. Tell a Roman Catholic, Seventh-Day Adventist, Jehovah's Witness, Mormon, or whatever else what is on the books in their beliefs, many simply deny them. Showing them where scriptural reasoning fails their doctrines baffles many. (Unfortunately, too many professing Christians are weak in understanding orthodox core doctrines as well.) The same thing happens with anti-creationists. They do not use good logic, and creationists often have to correct them on their own science. Still, they "know" we're "wrong", and fight red in tooth and claw to deny the truth.

Another thing cultists do is seek converts. Anti-creationists attempt to belittle, intimidate, ridicule, and find other ways to cause doubt in the minds of creationists, attempting to change our minds (I reckon that most cultists are much nicer than that). Those of us who know our theology and science stand up to them. They hate that.

Whether it comes to theology, creation science, politics or whatever, other biblical creationists and I emphasize that people need to learn critical thinking. In the case of aberrant religions, know your Bible and theology. For matters of science, use some logic and examine evidence; do not get information about creationists from anti-creationists sites and forums, they are seldom honest.

These people are involved in non-Christian religions and worldviews because they're suppressing the truth. The only way out of this mental mess and eternal suffering is to repent and believe on Jesus Christ, who is God the Creator in the flesh. He was crucified, died, buried, and rose again from the dead, defeating death. Find out what he has to say in his written Word.