Pluto Puzzles Anti-Creationists and Evolutionists

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Both creationists and evolutionists expected Pluto to be mostly ice, with perhaps a small rocky core. Preliminary findings reveal that there are many features on Pluto and Charon that were quite unexpected and downright baffling for believers in an ancient solar system, but less surprising for biblical creationists. See "New Horizons, Pluto, and the Age of the Solar System", "Pluto Inbound Image Stuns Scientists", "Pluto Is Young", and "Is Pluto Another Geyser World? 'Shocking” Images Baffle Scientists'" for information from creationist perspectives.

While early information about Pluto is arriving, some anti-creationists using the big event as an excuse to rail on biblical creationists. Also, we're waiting for evolutionary tall tales (excuses) as to why Pluto does not look as old as it "should".
Pluto from New Horizons. Image Credit: NASA, Johns Hopkins Univ / APL, Southwest Research Inst
Scientists presenting the information on Pluto pointed out several features and admitted that Pluto looks young. Naturally, evolution's Luddites will be scrambling to find excuses to justify clinging to "deep time". We should expect a wagon-load of "maybe ... "perhaps..." "it could be..." and various just-so stories presented as actual science. After all, they did quite a bit of that when other planets and moons in the solar system presented themselves as young and active.

By the way, I saw some mighty creative pictures on Facebook.

I did a flyby of a bibliophobe's site where the writer was ridiculing creationists about Pluto. He was saying that creationists were not a part of it, and that creation science itself was not involved. Really? This tinhorn did not present anything other than a straw man argument and mockery. How does he know that no creationists were involved? Also, he conveniently ignores that most of the founders of modern science were biblical creationists! But no, "real scientists" cannot be creationists — right? Not hardly! I seriously doubt that they bothered to read the articles linked in the first paragraph. Or if they did, they dismissed the articles (if they understood them).

By the way, I wonder if this guy and his few readers know that Dr. D. Russell Humphreys made accurate predictions about several planetary magnetic fields that have been verified, and the evolutionists were way, way off. He did this based on his creationist worldview. If it's possible to measure the magnetic field of Pluto, many of us are curious to see if this remaining prediction will be accurate as well.

People really should quit hating God's Word and start believing it. The evidence is that God created the universe recently. He's the Creator, he makes the rules, and we really should humble ourselves and find out what he has to say.