Faking the Fossil Whales — Revisited

Back on May 6, 2014, I posted about "Faking the Fossil Whales". The subject was how Dr. Carl Werner documented altered whale fossils that were sold to museums, and the admission to altering was made in a video. Naturally, this generated heat from some owlhoots who were protecting their religion of evolutionism. After all, whale evolution is supposedly well documented — if you call storytelling from bits and pieces "documentation". I was attacked, Dr. Werner and radio show host Bob Enyart were impugned as well; it's a mite irritating to be called a liar by liars in the course of their lying.

Whale evolution stories are in further trouble. Not only is the evidence against them, but faking fossils only hurts the cause of evolutionism.
Rodhocetus skull at University of Michigan Museum of Natural History / Wikimedia Commons / ellenm1
Some tinhorn came out of the gate with libelous accusations, and claimed that he had corresponded with Phil Gingerich, one of the people Dr. Werner interviewed on his video. Gingerich allegedly wrote in part, "I have been criticized for speculating that Rodhocetus may have had a fluked tail when I didn't have the whole tail, but this was clearly identified as speculation or expectation and not known fact. Subsequent discovery of Maiacetus shows definitively that Maiacetus lacked a tail fluke and contemporary whales like Rodhocetus at this early stage probably lacked a tail fluke too." So it's all a misunderstanding? I reckon not!

If Gingerich was misrepresented in a video, he's had over a year to take action and set the record straight. More interesting to me is that this jasper used an image of photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce for his profile photo. We're defamed by someone using a fake profile picture, and hearsay "evidence". Ain't buyin' it, Benjie. Dr. Werner wrote to me and said that the videos are so straightforward, it's hard to misrepresent those guys. Interesting how some sidewinders will go haywire, taking the word of some stranger because what he says fits their presuppositions, instead of dealing with the documented evidence in front of them. But Darwin's Drones do that kind of stuff.

Now for the best part: the saga continues! Same show, four parts to the interview. Whale evolution speculation is in serious trouble with increasing evidence against it and with tampering. You can listen to or download each episode free (listed below, under the graphic), but don't forget to check the abundance of whale-evolution-refuting material as well. Yippie ky yay, secularists! Declare your independence today from the tyranny of evolutionism, get your freedom by accepting the truth that the Creator has given in his Word!

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