Dark Matter, Dark This, Dark That — Now Dark Photons?

Yet another rescuing device for the failed Big Bang cosmology is something called "dark photons". These, too, are unobserved and unprovable. Efforts to avoid the Creator are sounding increasingly desperate.

The Big Bang has failed more ways than we can count, so evolutionary cosmologists continue with add-ons and tweaks to try to make it more plausible. Since scientific evidence does not support the Big Bang, they added inflation and dark matter, dark, energy, dark whatever, and now add dark photons.

All of the dark-this-n-that ideas have no substance. Literally. There is no evidence for them except in the imaginations of Big Bang proponents. Some putative evidence has been put forward (gravitational lensing in one galaxy), but there is more evidence for Bigfoot than for dark matter and such. Also, they are assuming not only that dark matter and such exist, but that they are the only explanations for what is observed. We don't need piles of increasingly desperate stories to justify the denial of the Creator, and the actual evidence indicates that the universe was created — and created more recently than those owlhoots want to admit.
First it was dark matter, then came dark energy, followed by dark fluid, dark flow, and dark radiation; and now a new entity is suggested for the dark sector of particle physics—dark photons. The dark sector is full of hypothetical entities designed to save the big bang story but it is really just a lot of cosmic storytelling.

The idea is that the collision of the galaxies separates the normal matter from the dark matter due to their interaction. Previously I have argued that dark matter is a sort of ‘god of the gaps’,the ‘unknown god’ in astrophysics. It is an unknown invoked to explain the inexplicable, which, if you follow the chain of logic, is required to maintain a belief in the big bang paradigm. Its existence is only inferred from the application of known physics to certain observations in the universe. Without assuming the existence of some exotic unknown dark matter comprising about 25% of the matter/energy content of the universe the standard big bang model would have to be discarded as a total failure.

Dark matter has never been observed in space or in any laboratory experiment.
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