Influence of the Moon

What's that up yonder in the sky, lighting things up at night? Sometimes it's a crescent, other times it's round, once in a while in the daytime, other times you can't see it at all. In Latin, it's called luna, but those of us who speak English call it the moon. What's it there for, anyway? Well, it has several effects on Earth.

The moon is the light that rules the night. It is vitally important for life on Earth, and was put up there by our Creator with good reasons.
The Effect of the Moon / Eugene Boudin / 1891
Old Earth proponents have no idea how it got there, but many hang onto the "impact hypothesis" because that idea offends logic the least. Also, the sun is 400 times larger than the moon, and also 400 times farther away, which makes things interesting during a solar eclipse, and no other planets have that kind of size-distance ratio. (I reckon that those owlhoots who keep getting all excited when they think they've found a "habitable planet" orbiting another star can find out if those planets have useful moons.)

The gravity of the moon regulates tides on Earth, and effects creatures. Also, light from the moon is important to many living things. Its influence is essential to life on Earth. No, it's not there by any cosmic evolutionary fairy tale; it was put there by God, and he had reasons for doing it.
Earth is ruled, in part, by lunar rhythms. It is “tuned” to the moon’s periodic rhythms in its daily and monthly cycles as well as annual seasons. This illustrates Genesis 1:16, which states God purposefully programmed the moon to “rule” the night.

Animistic and polytheistic religions personify the moon, but what does Genesis teach about its effects on the earth and creatures living here? In other words, how can the moon, which is inanimate, rule anything?

God programmed the moon to rule in at least two ways: 1) by gravitational attraction—which is physically quite forceful; and 2) by providing reflected light to Earth, which rotates so one side is always facing the moon.
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