Evolutionary Proselytizing Advantages

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Proponents of particles-to-propagandist evolution have an easy job. The groundwork has been laid by false science, popular opinion, appeals to authority, other logical fallacies, and especially through emotional manipulation. Propaganda techniques include:
  • Using entertainment media
  • Dominating the press
  • Concentration and repetition
  • Emotional manipulation
  • Creating a common enemy to hate (such as biblical creation science)
  • Pseudo-deification of a leader (done with Darwin, Dawkins, Nye, Tyson, and others)
  • Appeal to a higher good ("science" education)
  • Confusion (equivocating evolution and science)
  • Arbitrary assertions
  • Fraud peddled as science
  • Control of textbooks
  • Ridicule
  • and more
Since the scientific evidence is strongly against the cult of evolutionism, fundamentalist evolutionists resort to emotional manipulation maneuvers resembling, "Real science is free of inflexible dogma and subject to independent peer review. Creation science is based on religious dogma, denial and cronyism". I'll let students of logical fallacies take that tinhorn rant apart. (No, it won't be on the test because it's too easy, so dismantling it is for amusement purposes. However, I will say that it's based on arbitrariness, faith in Scientism and empiricism, and is self-refuting.) Similarly, the Peppered Moth "evidence" for evolution has been refuted, but Darwinoids cite evolutionists who say, "No it isn't refuted!", spin the story, then proceed to call us the liars when they are the ones propagating untruths. One reason that people believe lies like this is because evolution propaganda has been so well established.

When Darwinists insist on teaching their biased views of origins, it is "science education". When creationists teach our children biblical truth, it's "indoctrination". The real indoctrination comes from fundamentalist evolutionists.
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Question Evolution Day supporter Doug McBurney added fuel to my fire in his Weekly Worldview podcast in a section he calls, "Science — Really?" Although I like his Conservative and biblical commentary and suggest hearing the whole show, the part relevant to this article is from the 47 minute 35 second mark through the 55 minute mark. You can get the free download here. He made the point that evolutionists make proclamations and the press makes the findings known, but do we hear about retractions and dismissals? Not hardly! Even when bad science is quietly dismissed and forgotten by the establishment, the damage is done, people are left believing false "science".

They blatant hypocrisy is that evolutionists are documented for not only using speculations and fakery instead of actual science, but are claiming that when biblical creationists want to educate our children in God's Word, we are "indoctrinating". To be blunt, this is a fascist mindset, they want to brainwash the children, and they do not want competition for evolutionism. We still have some rights left, and will teach the truth.