Trees Leaf Evolutionists Puzzled

Still another puzzler for scum-to-sycamore evolutionists is the origin of trees. Not only is there no fossil evidence of their origin (the Wollemi pine has been pretty much unchanged for alleged millions of years), but trees are intricately engineered.

Still another puzzler for evolutionists is the origin of trees. Not only is there no fossil evidence of their origin, but trees are intricately engineered.
Nantahala National Forest, image credit: US Department of Agriculture
How plants make oxygen during photosynthesis is baffling today, so the origin of that process is even more mysterious to naturalists. Varieties of seed dispersal, the basic structure, the origin of wood — lots of evolutionary conjectures that stem from naturalistic presuppositions, but not from anything factual. Wooden you know, trees were created, not evolved, old son.
There are few things more beautiful and soothing than walking through a forest or grove of trees. Scripture has much to say about these majestic woody perennials, from the “fruit tree that yields fruit according to its kind” (Genesis 1:11) to “the tree of life” that will be freely accessible to all believers (Revelation 22:2). A number of tree varieties are cited in the Bible, including cedar, oak, olive, and fig. Creationists maintain that trees have always been trees in all of their majestic beauty and design.

Evolutionists reject the biblical account of origins and must posit a strictly naturalistic origin of everything, from people to plants. Botanists estimate there are at least 60,000 identified tree species in the world, but what was their origin? In tracing the evolution of forest trees, evolutionist Elizabeth Stacy of the University of Hawaii Hilo says, “We know next to nothing about how they got here.”
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