A Honey of a Landing

Have you ever watched a bee come in for a landing? Most of us don't pay it no nevermind, but keep an eye out next time and think about pilots of aircraft. It's tricky enough for them to land on a flat surface, and worse on an incline. Bees land on all sorts of inclines, and you don't see them have crash landings.

The lowly honeybee has an amazing internal guidance system to enable them to land on all kinds of inclines. Scientists, who believe they are the products of chance, want to intelligently design products based on bee systems.
Image credit: Pixabay / skeeze
Scientists, many of whom believe that bees and other critters are the products of time, chance, random processes and other evolutionary fables, are looking into intelligently designing biomimetics applications for human use. The bee's brain has a guidance system that was designed by the Creator, not by evolution. That should be obvious.
Landing safely is a difficult aspect of flight, because the rate of approach must be reduced to near zero at touchdown.

This is hard enough on horizontal surfaces, but even more challenging as inclination increases, i.e. when landing on surfaces of different orientation. Yet honey bees achieve this easily, hundreds of times per day.
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