Doubts on Human-Chimp DNA Research

For many years, the claim that humans and chimpanzees were extremely similar in DNA was proclaimed by the Evo Sith as a kind of secularist gospel truth. The degree of similarity varied, depending on who you talked to, sometimes as high as 98-99 percent. When this icon of evolutionism was checked and found to be lacking, the science involved seemed to be largely ignored and the "fact" was still spread around.

The controversy over similarities between human and chimp DNA intensified. Creationist research was tainted by faulty software, so further research was conducted and is expected to continue.
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When creationist scientist Dr. Jeffrey Tomkins re-evaluated the data, he came up with a much smaller similarity. Then the jungle erupted with screams of simians denying the results. However, I was contacted by computer programmer Glenn Williamson who updated me on the results obtained by Dr. Tomkins. At first, I was mighty suspicious, since I get a passel of hassle from tinhorns who want to dismiss creation science material out of hand. Mr. Williamson furnished me with useful links.

It turns out that the software that Tomkins used was defective. He has since gone back to work on the DNA comparisons with three programs and obtained higher numbers than he had before, but still lower than the percentages of human-chimp DNA similarity claimed by evolutionists.

Interestingly, people are focusing on this DNA similarity aspect. But that is not all there is to the story, because there are obviously marked differences between humans and chimps, and those need to be taken into account as well. Tomkins is planning on publishing new information on the DNA research soon.

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