Ashes to Ashes, Cosmic Dust to — PLANETS?

Secular astronomers are much out of little, and in this case, they're making a planet. Not really much of a surprise, since they conjure up stars from "dark matter" that only exists on paper. Why not use mighty sketchy evidence to build "LkCa 15b"? There's a passel of guesswork and speculation going on, but it's asserted as something they know is happening.

Secular astronomers use sparse data and proclaim that they know a planet is forming, but they are denying the science they supposedly support.
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Supposedly, the dust around a distant star is making a planet. However, there is not much to go on other than speculation, when direct observation is needed. They are also ignoring science, which is a grave mistake. Worse, they are ignoring God's Word, which plainly tells us that the universe was created recently, and is not creating itself through cosmic and other forms of evolution.
A team of astronomers claims to have direct evidence that a giant planet is in the process of forming. How strong is this claim?

The planet, known as LkCa 15b, is one of two or three bodies thought to be orbiting the star LkCA 15, about 450 light-years from Earth. The discovery of planets around distant stars isn't new. Roughly 2,000 exoplanets are confirmed to exist. Many of these exoplanets have features that are extraordinarily difficult for secular scientists to explain.
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