Atheism, Evolution, and Faith

Every once in a while, biblical creationists will be told something like, "Even if you disproved evolution, I would still be an atheist because evolution is not all that important to me". The indoctrination was strong in this one. Similarly, some will say that they do not need evolution because they have other reasons to reject the Creator. (Interestingly, they betray themselves by coming to creation science sites, groups, Pages, and so forth to tell us that they do not care.) But they must care, because there are only two possibilities to answer the question of origins.

Some atheists believe that evolution is unimportant to their atheism. They must believe in evolution, even if they do not pay attention to it. Instead, they walk by faith, not by evidence.

One tinhorn stated that atheists reach their conclusions because they thought things out, and Christians do not do this. His claim was a logical fallacy. In reality, atheists are driven by emotion and faith commitments to their disbelief, and if they had bothered to use critical thinking, they would realize that their worldview is irrational and incoherent, lacking the intelligibility that is only found in the biblical Christian worldview.
In a response to our article, “The hardest ones to reach …”—which looked at the influence of evolutionary/atheistic teaching throughout the education system—a reader’s comment reflects how impactful such indoctrination is.

In pointing out that casting doubts on such things as soft tissue findings would not persuade her, Meg W., wrote:
Meg's letter is longer that I want to reproduce here. To read it and Calvin Smith's reply, click on "An atheist argues for disbelief".