David Coppedge Interviewed on Real Science Radio

Advocates of molecules-to-machinist evolution can cook up some mighty convincing stories about why and how evolution happened, but they leave out important information and talk about what happened in the distant past without any real evidence. What they come up with are comparable to Kipling's Just So Stories. They sound good, but do not have plausible mechanisms or explanations. And yet, true believers accept them by faith.

Dr. David Coppedge was interviewed by Bob Enyart of Real Science Radio. Free to listen online or download.

Regular readers know that I have featured material by Dr. David Coppedge's "Creation-Evolution Headlines" on this site many times. (Here's another: he has some personal anecdotes in an interesting article called "Secret Animal Hideouts".) Bob Enyart interviewed Dr. Coppedge on Real Science Radio, and they discussed several evolutionary stories, and touched on biomimetics, design, and more. You can listen to or download the podcast by clicking on "crev.info headlines on RSR with David Coppedge". The picture below shows you what to click on from there. Speaking of clicking, you can click on the image for a larger version.