Truth and Evolutionary Weeds

An article from 2003 shows the attitudes of the uninformed toward creationists. (If you study on it, you'll see that anti-creationists and evolutionists in general have worse attitudes toward biblical creationists nowadays.) It's common for them to misrepresent us, which is unfortunate because if you want to debate an opponent, you should at least understand and present what he actually says instead of making straw man arguments. Indeed, I've seen stuff attributed to me and wondered, "Where'd he get that?", which did not deserve a response. But then, many of these people aren't exactly known for their cogitating skills.

Evolutionists found an allegedly new species of weed, and claimed that it proved creationists were wrong. No, but it did show that they know little about creationists, and not much about doing science, either.
Prairie groundsel / Image credit: US National Park Service
There are several varieties of groundsel, and depending on your point of view, they can be wildflowers or noxious weeds. Yeah, keep your horses and yourselves from common groundsel (Senecio vulgaris), it's poisonous to your horses, cattle, and yourself. Not so sure about the prairie groundsel pictured above, but it's not usually a good idea to be thinking strange plants are good eats.

Anyway, scientists found a new groundsel "species". Yee ha yawn. It may not be a new species. Not only did the scientists let their evolutionary enthusiasm get in the way of doing actual science, but they acted like children with their foolish "we showed you"-type statements. I sorta wonder if they were smoking the weed instead of studying it. Besides, the Creator built in variability, and it would have been helpful if they knew about that before sneering that they disproved creation science, wouldn't it?
Two British scientists have just reported their findings of a new species of a type of weed known as a groundsel. The title of their paper seems innocuous enough, merely stating that this new weed—Senecio eboracensis—is a hybrid between two other groundsel species. Yet a commentary in The Times of London proudly proclaimed this as a demonstration of ‘evolution in action’. Furthermore, in a not-too-subtle stab at believers in Biblical Creation, the author stated that the weed’s discovery confirms that ‘Darwin was right and the creationists are wrong’!
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