Danger from the Space Aliens?

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

About halfway through an episode of The Briefing (you can listen or read the transcript here), Dr. Mohler lassoed my attention with remarks about Dr. Stephen Hawking and about Time magazine. The subject was threats to the survival of humanity. Some people think that meeting up with aliens would be bad medicine, and not just coming here illegally, getting welfare, stealing our jobs, and so on. No, they might commence to raiding or even eating us. (Indeed, Carl Sagan thought that issuing cyanide pills for first alien contact was a good idea.) Stephen Hawking is also off the rails, even more than when he said that in regards to extraterrestrials, we should "keep our heads low".

Image from Clker clipart
Now Dr. Hawking is saying we gotta light a shuck out of here within 100 years if we're gonna survive. Naturally, he plays the climate change card, as well as several other disasters. In addition, he is still afraid of space aliens and artificial intelligence — especially fearful of AI, because it can evolve faster than us.

The Time magazine article has a whole passel of assumptions that are supposed to make us feel better about the chances of being invaded or eaten by space bugs, that it's not too likely for them to behave badly. Mayhaps people remember the War of the Worlds novel and some of the movie versions, where the uglies feasted on human blood. Or that Damon Knight story "To Serve Man" (later, a Twilight Zone episode) where a book about first contact had ambiguity on the word serve, and was actually a cookbook, so we should dial back that SETI stuff. But we shouldn't be afraid of being on the menu because aliens are too unlike us. The first assumption is that aliens exist. Second, there are assumptions about alien needs, desires, and so forth.

All of this stuff is based on atheistic evolutionary presuppositions within science philosophies rooted in their religion of naturalism. Nobody knows that ETs exist, nobody has seen one, and SETI has been a waste of money. (Of course, lack of evidence in SETI is interpreted favorably because silence is what they expect. Yes, that's "science" for some folks.) Also see "A SETI-back for Evolution". Even if aliens did exist (which I deny), they were not created in God's image. The world is indeed going to end, but it's in the Creator's timetable, as he has shown us in his written Word. There's still time left for repentance and salvation, but don't count on tomorrow being there for you.