The Spirit of the Origin of Life

The problems of the origin of life (OOL) on Earth are astronomically difficult, and one disingenuous rescuing device that the Evo Sith utilize is to claim that OOL has nothing to do with evolution. (We can quickly dispense with that falsehood at this link, and move on.) Despite the insurmountable difficulties, there are still materialists that insist on making the impossible appear plausible.

This is real soup. There was never an evolutionary primordial soup.
Credit: Morguefile / Alvimann
Abiogenesis models are packed with a passel of presumptions, including the "reducing atmosphere" (a concept that has been largely abandoned nowadays) in the failed Miller-Urey experiment, and the experimenters cheated by putting in a trap to remove the amino acids from the environment that would have destroyed them. There are some worse speculations today involving animism. No, it's not praying to animals, but a primitive belief that everything has a spirit. So, some materialists are violating materialism by believing that the spirit of molecules in fool's gold (iron pyrite) must have compelled them to work together to eventually form life. This is in keeping with the pantheistic tendencies of evolutionism. Are the minds of these scientists degenerating because of their rebellion against the Creator? I reckon so.
What is the spark that turns molecules into life? For the materialist, it’s the spirit of imagination.

Illustra’s film Origin presents a calculation by Doug Axe, PhD biochemist at the Biologic Institute who worked at Cambridge University, who figured out the improbability of a relatively small functional protein of 100 amino acids. The chance of getting such a protein under ideal conditions, he said, is one in 10161. This probability is so inexpressibly low, it gives a reasonable person confidence it will never, ever happen anywhere in the entire universe—just getting one smaller-than-average functional protein. The simplest cell we know has over 300 different proteins. And that’s just one of the numerous problems the film presents that should rule materialistic origin-of-life theories completely out of court.

So why do evolutionists persist in their view that life emerged by chance? Look at a press release from the University of Wisconsin-Madison that begins optimistically, “Experiments test how easy life itself might be.” How can a miracle of chance this improbable be easy?
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