Widening the Human-Chimp DNA Gap

Down yonder at Deception Pass, just past the Yellow Dog Creek a mite from the Darwin Ranch, you'll come to the Evolution Propaganda Mill. If you go to visit, they'll be less ornery if you bring cookies. One of the most successful products of evolutionary propaganda is the idea that humans and chimps are somewhere around 98 percent similar in the genome, therefore, evolution is true and there is no Creator God. That's how atheistic reasoning works.

Human chimpanzee DNA not as similar as we were told
"You go ahead, I'll finish watching this Bill Nye comedian."
Credit: morgueFile / lightfoot
How did we get to that point? Well, sequencing even a simple genome is actually quite difficult and takes computers with some horsepower. Working with humans...oh, boy. The chimpanzee genome is a tricky beast in its own right, and the genome isn't fully figured out yet. Original sequencing was done with inferior equipment and had heavy contamination with human DNA. Also, circular reasoning was involved because Darwinists assumed common-ancestor evolution. Add bad reasoning and incomplete science and you get the claim that humans and chimps are so similar. New research from a creationary scientist lowers the similarity quite a few points. But, similarities in the genome exist. Why not? There are similarities in the genome of humans with sea sponges, too. Similarities exist because the Designer didn't see a need to start over and make everything totally different, just like we do with our designs, you savvy?
“The DNA of humans is 98% similar to chimpanzees.” Who hasn’t heard that claim before? It’s usually stated as a settled fact and quoted to prove indisputably that we share a common ancestor.
But what does this kind of statement really entail, and how do we really know how similar one creature’s DNA is to another? The answers from my field of research—genetics—might surprise you.
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