Non-Evolution of the Frog

You may find this difficult to believe, but some owlhoots present the development of a tadpole into a frog as an example of evolution. Now, they're using the vague definition of evolution as change over time, and then implying that this change illustrates all life evolving from a common ancestor. Not hardly!

Tadpole to frog is not evolution it is genetically encoded instructions placed by the Creator
Chiricahua Leopard Frog credit: Jim Rorabaugh / USFWS|
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Mr. Jeremy Fisher was once a tadpole, a critter that people sometimes go "hunting" and raising. It undergoes drastic changes and becomes a croaking hopper that eats flies. (If you get the right one, it'll sing and dance for you.) The changes it goes through are quite dramatic, actually. Everything is changed and rearranged through and through. How does it know how to do this, and how do the changes happen the right way, in the right order? The Creator put the intricate design plans into it's DNA, which defies changes-by-chance evolution.
Never mind about a frog to a prince—doesn’t a frog show evolution happening within its own life cycle? From a fish-like tadpole (complete with gills) the ‘frog baby’ rapidly ‘morphs’ its way to a brand new life-style! The mouth widens, the tail dissolves, the fly-catching ‘bungy’ tongue develops, nostrils form, and bulging eyes migrate around the head. Lastly, when the lungs mature and four legs have grown, the graduating tadpole celebrates by hopping right out of the water and living on land.

This amazing transformation (metamorphosis) is a lot more than skin deep. Virtually every organ and body system is radically reworked.
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