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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Vague Terms Acceptable in Science

It is an established fact that everywhere we turn, we are assaulted with remarks about evolution that assume it to be an undisputed, every scientist in lockstep, fact. Whether it's an animated feature for children, advertisements, nature documentaries that invariably give homage to Darwin, proselytes of evolutionism on the web, or many other possibilities, evolution is confidently asserted. 

Big news for evolutionists vague words like maybe are unscientific
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We expect vagaries in science terminology from cinema, music, or whatever. Unfortunately, it is becoming more common in mainstream scientific journals to read things like, "Scientists think...perhaps...it is thought...maybe", and then have erroneous, unscientific conclusions pawned off as being conclusive. Is that ethical? The only thing conclusive is the written Word of God, who told us how he did the creating. Supplanters who attempt to replace God really do not know what happened in the distant past. An article about the development of instinct is quite telling.
Why does America’s most prestigious scientific journal put up with a story like, ‘somehow it evolved in an ancestor’?

The word ‘somehow’ appears twice in this summary on Phys.org of a Perspective piece in Science about the evolution of instincts:
To read the rest, click on "Instinct: ‘Somehow’ Is Not an Evolutionary Explanation".

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