Pluto Throws Sand in Deep Time Machinations

Mayhaps you were thinking of a cartoon dog throwing sand in the propaganda machines near the Darwin Ranch. Machines do not get along with sand very often. No, if you head over Deception Pass way, you will hear the sounds of business as usual. Besides, they still have the slave Winkie Guards posted. What we have here is a problem for the secular science industry on a much larger scale.

Secular scientists are having trouble explaining the existence of dunes on Pluto
Icy dunes on Pluto image Credits: NASA / JHUAPL / SwRI
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We have seen many times that objects in our solar system (and beyond) don't cotton to being called old, as evinced by Cassini and Titan, among many others. One of the troublemakers for secular astronomers has been Pluto. It showed signs of youth. Now it has been discovered that Pluto has been throwing sand around.

No, not the sand on our beaches, but it is still composed of small particles. Astronomers wonder how they moved, as Pluto's atmosphere is almost nonexistent. Yet, the dunes exist. Once again, Pluto is recalcitrant for deep time conjectures, but scientists are searching for rescuing devices. Convection has been proposed, but with no model or evidence. This distant former planet has been geologically active far more recently than secularists want to admit, because that would mean the solar system was created recently and not the result of gradual cosmic evolution.
Sand dunes were surprising enough on Titan, but et tu, Pluto? and young, recent dunes? Scientists couldn’t believe their eyes.

What do you picture when thinking of sand dunes? Dry deserts, with wind whipping piles of sand into ripples and hills shallow on one side and steep on the other— that kind of thing. You probably don’t think of Pluto. The outermost planet (or Plutoid, Dwarf Planet, or Trans-Neptunian Object, depending on your taste) is supposed to be an icy ball frozen for billions of years. The latest analysis of data from the 2015 New Horizons mission, however, shows that Pluto has been busy recently constructing sand dunes out of particles of icy methane.
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