Research Shows Limestone Forms Rapidly

One of the key doctrines of uniformitarianism is that geological features formed slowly, often taking millions of years. There have been many instances where secularists have been forced to backpedal on their belief system and grudgingly involve a form of catastrophism (rapid watery processes), such as the Lake Missoula flood. Something else to get them a mite ornery is when their insistence on deep time is refuted like we recently saw regarding the Coconino Sandstone.

Limestone has to form quickly, which supports the Genesis Flood.
Stream in limestone cuts, image credit: RGBStock / YS Wong
You would probably expect that secular geologists are correct when they insist that limestone had to form over millions of years. Actual evidence shows us that carbonates (oxygen atoms married up with carbon atoms) such as limestone are formed by rapidly moving water. This is yet another bit of strong evidence for the Genesis Flood as predicted by creationary geologists, and another confutation of old earth beliefs.
Secular science has long taught that sedimentary rocks were deposited slowly over vast ages, but what does the research show? . . .

For example, clay, the most common sediment on Earth, doesn’t slowly settle out of still water to form rocks. It must be deposited in energetic settings by moving water. These results match the predictions of creation geologists, who interpret clay, the resulting mudstones and shales, and nearly all sedimentary rocks as rapid deposits that occurred during the year-long Flood.

A second finding has uniformitarian geologists scratching their heads.
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