Purposeful Changes and Engineered Adaptability

A while back, a furious atheopath wanted to slap leather with me because of a post he did not read. The linked article was pointing out that proponents of universal common descent evolution have been resorting to teleology. He correctly claimed that evolution is supposed to be purposeless. Indeed, Darwinoids in lab coats have been appealing to mysticism and intangible evolutionary forces. In a way, such panentheism makes a mite more sense than strict materialism in dealing with observable facts.

Credit: Unsplash / Fabian Burghardt
Interesting that the assertion of randomness is simply an assertion. If evolutionists claimed that their belief system had a purpose, that would simply be an assertion as well; neither can be scientifically demonstrated.

The creationary concept of engineered adaptability and the continuous environmental tracking (CET) framework use science and logic, not intangible evolutionary forces. However, evolutionists are threatened by anything even resembling acknowledgement of the Master Engineer. To be consistent materialists, they cannot allow discussion of design, and must insist on randomness. The CET framework shows that adaptations and variations can be predictable. Yippie ky yay, secularists!
If the specter of directed variability threatens Darwinism, then the abundant findings of highly directed genetic variability is a dreadful prospect for some evolutionists. Consider how one study found that some yeast show a highly specific response to toxic levels of zinc by regulating an increase in genetic variability. The study’s researchers recognized that their findings clash with evolutionary theory:
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