Animals Designed to Communicate

Those of us who are owned by pets know how they inform us of their needs and desires, whether food for food, affection, or other needs. We have had cats who can express themselves through nonverbal ways, and know when they are pleased. Communication is common in what are considered higher animals.

Humans communicate with animals, and animals with each other. This is by the plan of the Master Engineer, and evolutionists have no explanation. Frenchie, around 2006.

There are several aspects for communication (whether complex or simple), which rules out incidental signals. Some amount of volition between the sender and receiver is needed, and the Master Engineer enabled animals to have some amount of communication with humans and with each other. This, too, is something that proponents of particles-to-pussycat evolution are unable to explain.
Making sense of biological senses is a losing battle for evolutionary theories, and explaining complex creature communication is even worse. Why? Because evolutionists have no real explanation for why communication occurs. Chance processes couldn’t have assembled the key ingredients needed for the elaborate messaging we witness in the animal kingdom.
Higher (i.e., nephesh-possessing) animals routinely send forms of purposeful signals to influence the behaviors of other animals or even humans. To appreciate this, we must distinguish between animals using environmental cues and those employing communicative signals.
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