Guppies and Natural Selection — but Not Evolution

It has been established for many years that Darwin was wrong, natural selection is not evolution. Sure, his followers believe that natural selection and mutations work in conjunction with evolution, but natural selection itself does what it is supposed to do. So why do so many evolutionists, including those in a study of guppies, disingenuously claim that evolution occurred?

Some Darwinists still falsely claim that natural selection drives evolution. A study of guppies showed natural selection but no evolution.
Credit: Flickr / Mark Turner (CC by 2.0)
Guppies are generally good-natured and frequently included in a community tropical aquarium. Very attractive. They breed a lot, too, even in captivity. Guppies are found down Trinidad way for the most part, and scientists did some studies on them. What they found were some great examples of natural selection (a concept that creationists affirm), but they said that the guppies exhibited evolution. That'll be the day! In addition, they demonstrated why peer review is failing because of what this child considers circular appeals to authority. No guppies were adapting and doing exactly what the Master Engineer designed them to do.
Guppies are among the most well-known of aquarium fishes. They come in a vast array of patterns and colors and are wildly popular among dedicated aquarists thanks to their colors and the ease of breeding them. However, because of where they are found in the wild, guppies have been extensively used as model organisms for evolutionary biologists. Evolutionists have claimed that guppies are an excellent example of natural selection and evolution. However, there is much to carp about in their interpretations of natural selection in guppies.
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