Turkana Boy and the Darwin Disciples

The cloud of dust indicated two riders approaching my spread. As it turned out, Stormie Waters and her pal Ruby Slippers rode down from Deception Pass. They were all het up because personal combat was ensuing again at the Darwin Ranch, this time over how to interpret Turkana Boy.

Evolutionists are agitated by a single incomplete skeleton. There is much disagreement, but Turkana Boy is not friendly to Darwinism.
Turkana at Kenya museum, image credit Wikimedia Commons / Akrasia25 (CC by-SA 4.0)
Whenever there are fossils, bones, and artifacts, evolutionary scientists commence to disagreeing. (Actually, that's a good thing in science.) Most fossils and such are sparse and scattered, so there is much to cuss and discuss. Even the more complete Turkana Boy sparks many areas of controversy, including things like his age, whether he is a he or she, the H. Erectus or H. ergaster, and if he or she was deformed. The secular science industry's fake news branch has not given this guy much coverage because the dating methods used rule him out for being an evolutionary ancestor of humans.

There is only one incomplete skeleton. To extrapolate that there was an entire "race" like this is seriously over-reaching, but they did that in the past with Nebraska Man and Piltdown Man. (If Marvel comics or someone does an action thing with Nebraska Man and Turkana Boy, I want royalties.) Also, since bones do not tell the full story of a person or creature, reconstructions are inferred and imagined by the artist. All the debating comes from faulty evolutionary presuppositions; we were created as one race with a great deal of diversity. Turkana is the opposite of helpful to Darwin's disciples.
The Turkana Boy or ‘Nariokotome Boy’ discovery was recently mentioned by Tomkins and a popular website that deals with human evolution. Called a “nearly complete” skeleton and well preserved (though missing most all of the hand and foot bones), it is actually only 40 percent complete based on the assumption that bones from one side of the body can accurately determine the traits of the bones on the other side. They thus can be used to construct some missing bones. Actually, aside from Lucy, Turkana Boy is the most complete evolutionary pre-human skeleton ever discovered. Most claimed early-man fossils consist of a few teeth, plus broken skull and other bone fragments. From these, entire species and populations are concocted by Darwinians.
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