Intolerant Tolerance from the Secular Science Industry

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Science is supposed to be about  the search for knowledge, and scientists are inaccurately considered to be dispassionate seekers of objective truth. Actually, scientists can be just as avaricious as you and me, and the secular science industry is allowing itself to be hijacked for leftist causes. Creationists, Christians, and other people cannot be tolerated by these sidewinders.

Secular scientists are increasingly active with the political and cultural left. They demand that we accede to their views and are intolerant of Christians and creationists.

In an episode of The Briefing, Dr. Albert Mohler discussed how Brigham Young University was dropped from job postings by a couple of geology organizations because of their morality code. While I reject Mormon views, they have a right to have and practice their beliefs without being coerced to change them. Recently, I asked someone who is involved in hiring at his company if they were interested in views of applicants. That company (like most others, I reckon) are more interested in the ability of people to perform the job. The organizations affecting BYU are giving political and cultural correctness the priority.

I remember a comment someone made when I mentioned that people like David Coppedge have been fired for their creation science views. The commenter said that he didn't want someone with the wrong views of science involved in rocket science when lives are at stake! No, Buttercup, creationists, evolutionists, and others can work side-by-side and get their jobs done efficiently in such fields.

Someone who knows that creationists actually believe and teach can easily see on websites, forums, literature, lectures, videos, and so on that we are not accurately represented. We take our stand on the authority of the Word of God, and our detractors hate us for that. I can testify from observations and personal experience that some anti-creationists and atheists want creationists and Christians negated or effectively destroyed. This hatred includes leftists who promote those things that are contrary to Christian faith and practice. Biblical creationists go back to the foundations of both science and the gospel message, which is probably the main reason that anti-creationists censor and censure us. Ironic how they dictate to us their version of "tolerance", but are so utterly intolerant of those who will not accede to their demands, isn't it?