The Problems of Evolving onto Land

We have been taught that science is a search for knowledge and that it flourishes with challenges, but that seems to have a caveat of, "Except evolution". It is also unfortunate that instead of being taught critical thinking skills, people accept stories that Darwinists evosplain to them. That is not in keeping with true science.

Evolutionists believe that creatures moved from the sea and onto dry land. There are innumerable problems with this belief.
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We saw recently that there are numerous problems with the idea that dinosaurs evolved into birds (as articles linked here discuss), but I don't rightly recollect that we hear so much about how seafaring life got the bright idea to become landlubbers. The icon of the walking Darwin fish is a mockery of the Christian fish image, rejecting the Creator and replacing him with secular miracles.

That's right, I said it! Atheists and evolutionists have their own secular miracles, including the sea-to-land business. There is no evidence at all that fish learned to walk on land. Then we have the bigger picture of other living things moving onto land and all the modifications involved that have no evidence. Darwin's acolytes often use the time-tested principle of Making Things Up™ and believing by faith — and expecting gullible people to do the same. They spend a great deal of time, energy, and money in their efforts to deny the truth that we are created by God, and that he told us our responsibilities in the Bible.

Don't get me wrong, evolutionists are not our enemies. Yes, some are devious and intent on convincing people that our Creator is unnecessary or does not even exist. However, many are deceived and trapped in a system that will not allow contrary views and evidence that refutes deep time and fish-to-philosopher evolution. Some scientists are unaware that creation science has the answers they seek. It is more than presenting evidence, it is a spiritual matter. We can do our part to support and educate those who doubt Darwin and question evolution. The truth is available.
In the world of animals, a great chasm exists between aquatic and terrestrial creatures. Consequently, to imagine the changes required to go from a body designed for breathing and navigating in water to one enabling an animal to breathe air and move on land is regarded by Darwinists as one of the most profound evolutionary transitions that ever occurred. Not only is the origin of the limbs a major issue, but the transition from fins to limbs “is one of the critical events in the history of vertebrates.” Specifically, evolutionary theory requires evidence of the transition from lobe-finned fish to tetrapod life forms. Evolutionists assume this transition occurred about 400 million Darwin years ago in the Devonian Period. No evidence exists to fill in this major gap, but a new study titled “Early tetrapods had an eye on the land” hints at some progress. How promising are these new findings?
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