Designed to Walk Upright

Consider the apes. They are more comfortable walking on all fours (quadrupedal) while humans are more comfortable walking on two legs (bipedal). When people with deformities or mental aberrations that walk on all fours, it is off-putting for us because it is clearly unnatural.

Evolutionists cannot present a convincing account of how humans went from walking on all fours to walking on two legs. Recent fossils do not help.
Credit: Freeimages / skarlyt
Proponents of universal common ancestor evolution insist that we originally walked on all fours and then evolved so that we are upright. There are many changes that would need to be made, but there is a prairie schooner-full of speculations, but not much in the way of actual evidence.

Evolutionists think they may have something that could be an example of a bipedal ape. Despite the hysterical shrieking of the secular science industry press that the bones illustrate evolution, that's not quite the case. Actual evidence is still missing, and some scientists are not convinced that the finds are significant. In fact, they may be a mix of human and orangutan bones, since they were scattered. Humans and apes walk differently because each was created separately by God, and Darwin was not consulted.
The evolution from quadrupedal to bipedal walking requires many major anatomical changes. Some of the many morphological alterations to the human skeleton that are required include major changes to both the arrangement and size of the bones of the foot, changes in the hip size and shape, the knee size, the leg length, and both the shape and orientation of the vertebral column. Even the ribcage must be altered. Specifically, the Chimpanzee ribcage is cone-shaped to house the gut and yet provide a great range of motion around the shoulder to allow them to walk on all fours. In contrast, the human ribcage is barrel-shaped, allowing arms to swing freely from side to side which is required to effortlessly maintain balance when walking. A few other alterations required to walk upright include the following:
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