Slow and Gradual Naturalistic Poison

My unregistered assault keyboard is ready to go on this New Year's Day (happy Calendar Changing Day). While it is wishful thinking that people will be able to see twenty-twenty (see what I did there?) about origins, we still have to present the truth. It is up to them what they do with it.

Evolution and an old earth were not sudden revelations, but introduced as a slow poison against biblical creation.
The portrait of Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon
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Today's atheistic and anti-creationist activists are ready to go on the attack at full gallop and with lack of reasoning abilities. (I believe atheopaths nowadays do not even want to think rationally, let alone use science or civil discourse. Emotional reactions are used in place of thought.) People were more respectful and circumspect in earlier times.

As far back as the 16th century, there were people advocating naturalism and to replace biblical truth. They hated creation and the Genesis Flood. Since many people still respected God and believed God's Word to some extent, it was unthinkable to go charging in with sabers drawn and guns a-blazing.

No, they took a far more subtle approach by using slow poison. Disparage the Bible, make up straw man arguments, argue from ignorance (and it's ugly kid brother, the argument from incredulity), and other irrational just-so stories. However, people trusted these so-called thinkers who had seemingly good arguments. Naturalists disparaged the Flood and introduced uniformitarianism (slow and gradual processes over long periods of time), forms of evolution were postulated, then Papa Darwin came along and made his own presentations. He increased the dosage of poison as well.
One early strategy used straw man arguments to demote the biblical Flood. In this all-too-common break with logic, opponents of a view attack an imagined version of that view instead of the real one. Combatants claim victory over their opponents when all they really did was beat up a flimsy conception of their own making. 
. . . from 1749 to 1788 Comte de Buffon used his high position in Paris’ Royal Academy of Sciences to promote his own ideas of vast ages for the earth in his 36-volume work Histoire Naturelle. . . . Buffon mentioned Noah’s Flood, but his straw man version of the Flood was too gentle to disturb Earth’s supposedly pre-existing rock layers—or even its trees and plants.
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